Elsevier has so far refused to accept notification of the complaint, but has offered to resolve the issue by amending the existing agreement with the university. In an agreement proposed on April 22, which would restore access to the veterinary school, Elsevier LSU proposed adding an additional $170,000 in subscriptions to its existing contract and paying an additional $30,000 for a package of titles known as the Freedom Collection. It`s just a unique bump. Next year, the university would pay what they paid when the contract was signed in 2014. The correspondence between LSU and Elsevier reveals a disagreement as to whether or not the veterinary school is covered by the university`s contract. Also in October, LSU asked Elsevier to include several pharmaceutical and veterinary journals in its 2017 subscription package. Adding the securities would cost about $35,000 — a drop in the bucket in an overall deal worth $1.64 million this year. Louisiana State University is suing Elsevier to settle a disagreement with the publishing house over its $1.64 million contract. “It looks like a vet`s collection,” the account manager wrote. “As you may know, the LSU Veterinary School Libraries is in the process of being renewed and is not part of our existing agreement with your library. I want to make sure that we get informed of each other for the next steps. The LSU then drew attention to its existing agreement and argued that it covered the veterinary school.

In the follow-up emails that refer to but are not included in the complaint, Elsevier is quoted as saying that he would be “happy to include the Veterinary School in a new agreement to provide both libraries with all resources.” Louisiana State University is suing Elsevier for breach of contract as part of a lingering disagreement over who covers the university library`s contract with the campus publishing house. However, last October, users of the veterinary school had authentication problems when they tried to access the title Elsevier. They found that Elsevier had prevented several IP addresses related to the veterinary school — IP`s agreement with the explicitly covered publisher — from accessing their resources. The problem was quickly resolved, but since January, access to the school has been blocked again. The LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Library is at the centre of disagreements.