Development licenses are available for existing commercial and academic server licensees (not for cloud or server start-up products) who wish to provide non-productive facilities for Atlassian software testing and development (e.g. B, version updates, software adaptations, etc.) that should not be done in a live production environment. Users of the Jira Service Desk portal (customers) do not consume any licenses. So if you have 10 agents in Jira Service Desk and 700 users only use the portal, you only need a license from 10 users of the app. Billing and technical contacts are considered product owners and are entitled to request changes to the license/subscription. To generate a trial license key or expand your trial version, log in to Click on New Evaluation License and follow the instructions to associate your server id. A new trial license is generated, which you enter into your server product. Anyone can buy or request an offer for a server maintenance renewal – all that is needed is the Support Job Number (SEN) and the email address of a current contact for the license that is renewed. To order a maintenance extension with server product software, visit our offer and order form and click on the Renewal tab. In the Renewal tab, you can renew a product you`re connected to or provide us with the details of the product you want to renew. Royalties are indicated by a number of active users.

A user active in Jira Service Management is, by definition, any user account in the system with the global permission “Jira Service Management Users” or the “Jira Administrators” authorization, i.e. anyone who can log in. Unlimited “anonymous users” are allowed on all licenses. “Additional Services”: Technical Account Manager (“TAM”) services, support and maintenance, or any other software-related service provided by Atlassian, as stated in an order. “training,” the training and certification services offered by Atlassian. There is no need to reinstall your software. Your existing installation can be updated by copying your license key purchased from your product management console`s Versions and Licenses page. There are two ways to generate an upgrade offer for server licenses: 16. IP compensation by Atlassian.

We will defend you against all claims filed against you by a third party who claims that, if used under this agreement, the software infringes third-party patents, copyrights or trademarks, or that it is diverted from a third-party trade secret, which is enforceable in a jurisdiction that is a signatory to the Berne Convention (a “claim”) and we will hold you unscathed against damages and costs that were ultimately awarded to the application by a competent court or that were approved by an Atlassian agreement (including reasonable legal fees) provided we received from you: a) immediate written notification of the application (but in all cases , in a timely manner, so that we can react unscathed); (b) appropriate assistance to the defence and review of the claim, including the provision of a copy of the claim, all relevant evidence in your possession, retention or control, as well as cooperation with evidentiment investigations, litigation and court proceedings, including the provision of witnesses as part of your work or control process; and (c) the exclusive right to control and direct the investigation, defence and settlement of the claim, if any. If your use of the Software (or, in our view, probable) is requested, either by court order or by transaction, or if we find that such acts are reasonably necessary to avoid essential liability, we may, at our discretion and discretion, obtain the right or license for your continued use of the Software in accordance with this agreement; (ii) essentially replace software of the same nature functionally; or (iii) your right to continue using the log