25. OTHER PROVISIONS. A. Any failure by United to insist on the customer`s strict compliance with the terms of this lease should not be construed as a waiver of United`s right to demand strict compliance. The client has carefully considered this lease and waives any principle of law that would allow any provision of this agreement to be set out against United as the author of this lease. A building rule providing for the resolution of ambiguity against the editorial party does not apply to the interpretation of this lease. B. The client undertakes to bear all reasonable costs related to the collection, jurisdiction, legal fees and other costs incurred by United for the collection of costs incurred under this lease or as part of the application of its terms. C. The customer must pay the rental fee without invoices, deductions or claims. D. The client accepts the collection, use and disclosure of his personal identification and financial information, as described in United`s privacy policy.

The customer`s personal identification and financing information is provided on a voluntary basis and not as part of a credit card transaction. Personal identification data includes. B customer name, billing address, zip code, phone number, date of birth, driver`s license number and email address. Financial information includes information. B relating to all balances or invoices related to the lease. The Customer`s personal identifying information and financial information may be used for the purposes of this transaction, for all subsequent transactions with United and for United, to evaluate and improve its products and services and/or to develop new products or services. The Client`s personal identifying information and/or financial information may be disclosed to contractors, service providers and other third parties who may be outside of Canada, where the customer`s information may be disclosed in accordance with local laws that support United`s activities and are subject to contractual obligations to keep personal data confidential and to use it only for the purposes for which we transmit it to them. E. United has the right to immediately take over the device without any responsibility to the customer if (i) the storage location is permanently closed; (ii) the declaration of emergency, disaster or similar situations by federal, provincial, local or local governments; (iii) or as stipulated in the lease agreement. F. United may make any registrations, registrations, submissions or financing declarations that are necessary or desirable to protect or, if necessary, complete its ownership of the device, and its shares in the device at the customer`s expense. The Client herebly accepts and gives these other assurances and performs these acts and executes these documents that United may require for the performance of this lease and the rights and obligations arising from that lease.