[Added description of securities accounts or agreements with securities intermediaries, if any] Jurisdiction as a result of the issuer`s actions or in some other way, or, if those certificates are not securities, that grantor has informed the administrative officer so that the administrator can take steps to enhance his or her security interest as a general intangible interest, and (iii) to the extent that such security is held by a securities intermediary in a controlling securities account. , this account is covered by a title account control agreement, to the extent necessary in accordance with Section 5.09 (c) of the credit agreement. 3.12.2 To the knowledge of each grantor, this Grantor has taken or taken appropriate steps to ensure that no intellectual property of value depending on the confidentiality of the Grantors has been passed on by that grantor to anyone other than employees, subcontractors, customers, representatives and representatives of the Grantors, parties to the usual confidentiality and confidentiality agreements with the Grantors. , unless there has been no reason to expect this to have a significant negative effect. “Account Control Agreement,” an agreement that is reasonably satisfactory in terms of form and content for the administrative officer and each relevant grantor, under each grantor, a bank holding such Funds Grantor153s and the administrative officer, with respect to the collection and control of all deposits and balances held in a deposit account controlled by such a large bank account with such a bank; 8.18. Subordination to intercompany debt. Each Grantor accepts that all claims of such a grantor against any other grantor (an “obligor” each) concerning any “intercompany debt” (as defined below), while endore, debtor or other guarantor of all or part of the bonds guaranteed or subordinated to any of its characteristics are subject to the right to payment of the prior payment. In cash, all secured bonds, provided they do not contraver the above, unless no default or acceleration payment event has occurred and continues, this Grantor may grant and obtain credits to this ordinary transaction from any of such debtors with respect to this intercompany indebtedness. , to the extent that the terms of this guarantee agreement and other loan documents are not prohibited.