Counterpart – any person, legal entity, legal entity or other entity that is not a legal person or legal entity registered in Poland or another country, in accordance with Polish law or any other country that enters into a commercial agreement with ARTPOL, enters into a transaction with ARTPOL or takes an order in connection with Artpol`s activities within ARTPOL, which is approved by ARTPOL. 1.2 In their current form, these GVCs are considered a framework agreement for all future contracts for goods and/or services with the same customer, without us having to expressly recall it on a case-by-case basis. If the parties agree to change the terms and conditions of sale, this contract is valid until the contract is executed and does not relate to other orders and contracts between ARTPOL and its counterparty, unless a written statement from ARTPOL expressly states this. 1.4 Individual agreements with the customer (including ancillary agreements, supplements or modifications) prevail over these GVCs. A written contract or our written confirmation will determine the exact terms of these agreements. 9.3 Our faulty liability is primarily based on agreement on product characteristics. Product descriptions made available to the customer prior to each order that describe the characteristics of the merchandise are considered part of such an agreement and are included in the contract to the same extent as these terms and conditions. 3.5. The acceptance of these CGs electronically between the contracting parties has the same probative value as the paper agreement. Recordings stored in computer systems are kept under appropriate security conditions and are considered evidence of intervention between the parties. The archiving of contractual documents is done on a reliable and durable medium that can be provided as evidence.

These terms and conditions of sale include offers, sales contracts, supply contracts or other agreements and agreements between ARTPOL and counterparties entered into in connection with ARTPOL`s business. 6.2 Our price list in the current version applies to billing services (z.B. assembly or assembly). All price estimates are non-binding and are subject to a separate agreement. The costs of providing such price estimates are included in the price, unless otherwise agreed. Quote fees will only be charged extra if no orders have been placed. 9.1 Customer rights in the event of defects (including defective delivery or delivery defects, as well as incorrect assembly or defective assembly instructions) are regulated by law, unless otherwise stated below. The product is deemed to be in compliance with the contract if, at the time of the transfer of the risk, it does not deviate or deviate significantly from the agreed specifications. The contractual and flawless talent of our merchandise is determined solely on the basis of explicit agreements on the quality and volume of the goods ordered. We are only responsible for a specific use of destination or a particular property, to the extent that this has been expressly agreed; otherwise, the customer only bears the risk of suitability and application.

We take no responsibility for the deterioration, loss or improper treatment of the goods after the transfer of the hazard. The content of the agreed specifications and the expressly agreed intended use objective are not a guarantee; acceptance of a guarantee must be the subject of a written agreement. The customer`s claims against us under paragraph 445a, 445b BGB are limited to the legal scope of third-party default claims against the customer and are conditional on the customer complying with his default claim obligation in accordance with the customer`s paragraph 1.